• RGB engineering case: Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Art Center!

    Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Art Center is a key cultural landmark project in Zhejiang Province with the design idea of "Hua Die" in the classic repertoire of Liang Xiaobo and Yueyingtai of Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Yue Troupe. The Grand Theatre has 800 seats and is an internationally advanced Yue Opera Performing Arts Center. Among them, 120 RGB discrete dimming control loops and up to 80 DMX512 network export RGB network systems are selected, and are compatible with ACN and ART-NET network protocols. RGB, only rely on high quality! Only pursue high quality! The trust of China's high-end art center is not only an affirmation of RGB! It is a spur to RGB! RGB, only have the courage to innovate! Work hard!