• RGB engineering case: zhengzhou grand theater!

    Zhengzhou Grand Theater, Yellow River Fan Ying, Art Boat! The standard grand theater designed and constructed according to the new international standards includes a 1,700-seat cabaret theater, an 850-seat concert hall, a 430-seat multifunctional hall, a 450-seat theater rehearsal field and other professional cultural venues. 9 8i intelligent network dimming cabinets with RGB stepless trigger control technology are selected in concert halls, multi-function halls, theater rehearsal venues, etc. A total of 864 control loops for dimming, pass-through, dimming / pass-through hybrid dual-use modules, and compatible ACN, ART-net, DMX-512, RDM protocol lighting network system. RGB firmly believes that the dimming / hybrid dual-use dimming cabinet invented by the Chinese has redefined a new standard in the field of stage dimming control! Come on, made in China! RGB Come on!