• RGB project cases: Beijing shijingshan cultural center!

    Beijing Shijingshan Cultural Center is an important cultural facility project in Shijingshan District of Beijing. The total construction area of the cultural center is 41,232 square meters, including: district cultural center (museum), district cultural center, district non-heritage center and other functions, professional stage equipment in December Expert acceptance was conducted on the 26th, of which 6 96-loop RGB-7i dimming cabinets were selected, including a total of 576 loops of dimming, relay pass-through, dimming / relay pass-through hybrid dual-use modules, and RGB compatible with ACN, ART-net , RDM, DMX-512 and other professional lighting network protocol lighting control system, controlling more than 2000 sets of professional stage performance lamps. Keep improving RGB, only one product, only one high-quality product, only one high-quality product in the field of professional lighting! The rise of Chinese manufacturing is the responsibility of every Chinese, and it is also the goal of RGB!