• RGB engineering case: haikou people's theatre!

    Haikou People ’s Theater & Haikou Bay Performing Arts Center, formerly known as the Haikou Great Hall of the People, officially launched a comprehensive upgrade and renovation in 2018. The theater and supporting building facilities cover an area of 30454.4 square meters, including one 1400 grand theater, which is an important high-standard culture in Haikou The facilities project, the official premiere on the 31st, ushered in the Hainan New Year concert of the famous conductor Tan Dun's "Dunhuang-Ode to Compassion". Among them, five 96-loop RGB-7i dimming cabinets are selected, all of which use thyristor dimming / relay pass-through dual-purpose dimming modules for a total of 480 control loops, and are compatible with ACN, ART-net, RDM, DMX-512, etc The agreement's network lighting control system controls more than 2000 sets of professional stage performance lamps. Stability and reliability are the foundation of RGB products, and the future is the direction of RGB's progress. Technological progress will never end! Made in China, infinite pride!