• The modern work of RGB "Shanghai Bund" (Part 2): Shanghai Cultural Plaza!

    Shanghai culture square, site of the thirties of the last century, was the old Shanghai local race. By Shanghai government decided in 1952, Chen yi's mayor approved, converted into Shanghai culture square. In the spring of 1970, premier zhou enlai personally written instructions, reconstruction of Shanghai culture square. In 2006 a comprehensive upgrade, including a 2010 - seat theatre, theatre the deepest depth of 26 m, is the largest underground theater in the world. At the end of 2019, dimming control system upgrade in an all-round way, in early 2020, official selection 96 circuit RGB dimming ark 10 sets, including silicon controlled dimmer/relay through hybrid amphibious module 960 control circuit, control the whole more than 5000 sets of various kinds of professional stage lighting. High quality Chinese dimmer cabinets, has successfully corner overtaking! We are proud to say that move light tank, there is no domestic, import only good or bad! We welcome high quality global dimming ark, participate in project fair competition in China! China move light tank, come on!