Main performance characteristics:

    Ø Reliable quality and stable performance: It meets the international EN60065, EN55020 and other test standards and the national standard GB / T 13582-1992, GB / T14218-93, GB / T15734-1995 and other quality testing standards; and has obtained the international authoritative certification body NO. CE certificate issued in 1380; at the same time, it has obtained many national patents;

    Ø Multi-backup control system: each drawer is an independent dimming unit; moreover, each drawer has an independent LCD screen to display the number of circuits, brightness and working mode; meanwhile, there are 3 different color LEDs to indicate the current and real-time Working status

    Ø Intelligent recognition automatic switching control function: the intelligent recognition automatic switching control system intelligently discriminates resistive load, non-resistive load or no-load according to the characteristics of the load; thus the system automatically switches to the corresponding working mode (that is, the resistive load is dimming) Mode, non-resistive load is zero-crossing trigger mode)

    Ø Multiple working modes: DMX512 dimming mode, regulated voltage output mode and zero-crossing trigger mode can be selected at random; and there is a hardware working mode setting mode, that is, each drawer panel is equipped with a DIP switch to simply set the corresponding way Working mode;

    Ø Humanized design and intelligent control function: True color display, support touch input, easy and fast operation; cabinet number and DMX start address can be set arbitrarily according to the use requirements; pre-stored 20 dimming curves and custom dimming curves Set up

    Ø Remote feedback and remote PC setting function: remotely monitor the current large cabinet operation information display (current, temperature, output data, switch status, short circuit repeatable number, etc.) and the initialization of the large cabinet, restore the factory defaults, working mode, short circuit protection The main parameters such as frequency, dimming setting, network protocol and warm-up value can be set on a remote PC; at the same time, it supports the APP application mode of Android and iOS;

    Ø Flexible and multi-interface function: It has dual-channel DMX512, RJ45, optical fiber and wireless WIFI interface input methods, realizing real-time and superior control methods, and can be connected to the corresponding control methods as needed at the site of use; supports the entire network Art-Net and ACN network protocols, and supports standard two-way RDM protocol;

    Ø Support a variety of powerful dimming functions: have the function of debugging and finding lights, emergency dimming and "field" editing; support wireless remote control dimming function;

    Ø Intelligent fan function: with low speed, medium speed, high speed and intelligent 4 function options; when intelligent is selected, it automatically switches from stop, low speed, medium speed and high speed according to the internal temperature of the large cabinet: when it is lower than 28 ℃, the fan stops ; At 28 ℃ ~ 36 ℃, the fan low speed; at 37 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, the fan medium speed; at greater than 46 ℃, the fan high speed;

    Ø Wide application range and self-protection function: The load can be any electrical equipment that is resistive or inductive; and, there is no minimum load limit. In any output mode, the number of direct short-circuits is allowed to be more than 200 times (the number of short-circuits can be set); overcurrent protection, when the current is greater than the set value, the output is automatically switched to 0; and, with the preheat value setting function; meanwhile, Each circuit is equipped with Shindig RCD (Schneider Residual Current Action Protector) protection device;

    Ø Dual backup power supply system: It has the function of power supply status indication, alarm and automatic mutual switching of power supply, which greatly improves the reliability and stability of the product;

    Ø Support three output modes: sine wave, thyristor and relay. Five combination units (sine wave, thyristor, relay, thyristor and relay mixed, sine wave and relay mixed) are compatible with the same 9i dimming cabinet at the same time, and the position can be freely changed according to the function and nature of the load; Free choice of thyristor or relay, sine wave or relay output. Among the three outputs of sine wave, thyristor and relay, it has its unique performance characteristics, as follows:

    Ø Sine wave

    Ø Wide voltage and wide frequency input voltage regulation function. Normal working voltage and frequency range are: AC90V ~ AC240V and 43HZ ~ 66HZ;

    Ø Energy saving and environmental protection sine wave dimming technology. The complete sine wave amplitude modulation AC-AC voltage regulation output is 0-100% of the input voltage; the operating efficiency is greater than 98%; the power factor is between 0.98-0.995; the harmonic distortion is less than 0.3%. For the public power grid and surrounding video, The interference of audio and other equipment is almost negligible, and it has the function of correcting and compensating for sine waves;

    Ø Thyristor

     l High dimming accuracy: 4096 levels;

     l Stability: ST (Thomson) high-quality bidirectional thyristor and DMX-512 signal optocoupler isolation amplifier can avoid high voltage from entering the control system; at the same time, it has excellent anti-interference ability and almost no audio video Interference, in line with the international BS800 standard, the current rise time is greater than or equal to 400us (can be customized according to needs) efficient anti-interference choke inductor;

    Ø Relay

     l Use high-quality relays, anti-instant pulse current up to 150A; surge voltage up to 6kV; electrical life (31A 250V AC) more than 30,000 times;

     l Use artificial intelligence control technology. Based on the closing or opening of the zero crossing, the service life of the relay used by artificial intelligence control technology is extended by more than 100 times.

    Technical Parameters:

    Ø Power supply: three-phase five-wire, single-phase 90-240VAC;

    Ø Signal interface: four kinds of interface dual-channel DMX-512, RJ45 (network), optical fiber and wireless WIFI interface;

    Ø Fidelity: less than 0.3% harmonic distortion;

    Ø High efficiency: working efficiency ≥98%; power factor ≥0.98;

    Ø Dimming characteristics: achieve unlimited AC-AC (0-100%) complete sine wave amplitude modulation dimming;

    Ø Rise time: ≥400us

    Ø Maximum output power: 6KW per channel

    Ø Dimensions:

     l 60 channels: depth X width X height = 870 X 590 X 1720 (mm3);

     l 96 channels: depth X width X height = 870 X 590 X 2190 (mm3);

    Ø Net weight (kg)