Complies with the National GB/T13582-92, GB/T14218-93, GB/T15734-1995 Quality
        Testing Standard;
     DMX-512 interface, Reserved RGB network interface and compatible RJ-45 standard
        TCP/IP protocol Ethernet interface;
     Photoelectricity insulation input interface which prevents from high voltage importing
        the control port to influence the work of lighting consoles;
     Dual systems, dual decoders, dual triggerings, dulplexing, full tracking backup features
        that the main and assistant systems backup mutually, intelligent switching to guar-
        antee the high reliability and stability of dimmer racks;
     A/B independent DMX signal input which can be set in modes, such as singleness (A or
        B)/mix (the bigger one takes precedence)/back up (A takes precedence and switches
        automatically) and so on;
     Field backup: records DMX signal field and self-programming field, amends, deletes and
     Field lighting: 96/60 channel digital lighting which sets the brightness value of any
        dimmer freely, centralized control which conveniently turns on/ off the field lighting
     High triggering accuracy: 1024 degree.
     Lighting curve selecting: presets 12 lighting curves for customers, sets special lighting
        curve in accordance with the customers’ need, excellent lighting linearity and
     Import thyristor with high quality, newly-designed encapsulated module, prevents from
        direct short;
     Efficient magnetic ring with excellent anti-jamming performance;
     Optional 96 channels (6KW/channel) and 60 channels (6KW/channel);

    Technical Parameters:
    Power supply:3 phases 4 wires, with ground wire, monophase at 200-240VAC,
    Signal interface:DMX-512 signal
    Rated power:6KW/channel
    Dimensions:6iK 96 channels 700×510×2165 (mm3)
                        6iK 60 channels 700×510×1720 (mm3)