Main performance features:

    Ø      The racks complies with quality inspection standards such as GB/T 13582-1992, GB/T14218-2018, GB/T 17743-2017;

    Ø      The racks has obtained 3C certification certificate, CE or UL certification certificate, and the inspection certificate issued by EMC and third party;

    Ø      The double system, double decoding, double trigger, duplex and double standby central decoding processor is used, and main and secondary systems are standby mutually to achieve seamless smart switching, and ensure high reliability and high stability;

    Ø      The racks is equipped with 8.4 inch LCD used for directly modification of all parameters and intuitive display of the operation status of the racks;

    Ø      The racks has selectable voltage adaption functions to protect the lamps against the impact of high voltage by automatic adjustment of output maximum according to input voltage;

    Ø      The racks has preheating function, and is settable to 0~20% preheating output;

    Ø      The racks had built-in Ethernet controller, duplex DMX-512 interface, RGB network interface, RJ-45 standard LAN Ethernet interface and optical fiber interface to support the network connection of silicon racks, and support sACN and ART-net protocols;

    Ø      The input interface of photoelectric isolation is adopted to avoid the influence of high voltage on the dimming table upon return to the control end;

    Ø      Double DMX signal has A/B two independent inputs, which can be set to independent (A or B)/hybrid (supplied by priority)/backup mode (preferentially A, automatic switching) working mode;

    Ø      On-site dimming function: the racks has digital dimming function, the brightness value of any silicon circuit can be set arbitrarily, and has the general control, which is easy to start/close the field dimming function;

    Ø      On-site system status reporting function: silicon block temperature, silicon racks temperature, three-phase input voltage, silicon circuit output voltage and current can be viewed at site. The dimming brightness (DMX signal value) can be viewed in a variety of ways. The “OK”/break/short circuit of output loop can be viewed;

    Ø      High trigger accuracy: Level 4096;

    Ø      System status telemetry and reporting function (Reporting): racks temperature, silicon temperature, three-phase input voltage, output voltage and current of silicon circuit, cooling fan speed and other system states can be sent back to the control room through LAN network or RGB telemetry for system status telemetry and reporting;

    Ø      Automatic switch function of cooling fan: the fan is started when the silicon racks has an output and the temperature exceeds 48℃, otherwise the fan is switched off;

    Ø      Over-temperature alarm and protection function: warning and protection can be realized simultaneously on the reporting system of the silicon racks and the control room: when the temperature of the silicon block exceeds 80℃ or the temperature of the silicon racks exceeds 60℃ (the critical temperature value can be changed) alarm is give; When the temperature of the silicon block exceeds 105℃ or the temperature of the silicon racks exceeds 80℃, the automatic protection function can be started (or the automatic protection function can be disabled). The racks has output overcurrent (short circuit) protection function to avoid burning silicon to the greatest extent;

    Ø      Dimming curve selection function: 12 dimming curves are preset for the user to choose, and special dimming curve can be set arbitrarily according to user requirements, and the dimming linear and consistency are excellent;

    Ø      Unique protective racks body structure: high quality galvanized material was used to improve moisture-proof, anticorrosive, dustproof performance and ensure the safety and reliability of the system;

    Ø      Multiple loop selection: 60 loops, 96 loops, etc.;

    Ø      Three functions are available such as dimming, switches, straight trigger (relay), each circuit have both dimmer and relay pass-through function, and the racks has the function of emergency backup;

    Ø      Scene holding function: when all control signals are interrupted suddenly, the system will automatically hold the last scene;

    Ø      Hotplug functions: the racks supports normal removal and replacement of the drawer, under the working state, namely plug and play function;

    Ø      Drawer panel has circuit address code intelligent digital tube display and current and voltage, over-current and over-voltage LED indicators;

    Ø      ST high quality bidirectional SCR and high efficiency signal optocoupler isolation amplifier are used to avoid high voltage entering into the control system, with RCD protection device (optional);

    Ø      High quality industrial grade relay is used to achieve direct DC trigger control, resist instantaneous current up to 150A;

    Ø      Three drawer units: SCR, relay, and SCR + relay, which are compatible with the simultaneous operation of same dimmer racks without interference;

    Ø      High-efficiency anti-interference magnetic ring was used to meet the requirement on Level 1 dimmer of the “radio disturbance characteristic limits and measurement methods of electronic dimming equipment” (GB17743-2005/CISPR 15:2005), anti-interference ability is very strong, the current rise time ≥300μs;

    Ø      Unique efficient heat dissipation design: excellent wind path system design, and drawer with aluminum alloy shell, good heat dissipation performance to improve the service life;

    Ø      Load power of circuit: 3KW, 4KW, 5KW, 6KW, etc.

    Technical parameters:

    Ø      Power supply: Three-phase five little system, single phase 200-240VAC           

    Ø      Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz

    Ø      Signal interface: 2 x DMX-512, RJ45, RDM, optical fiber (optional)

    Ø      Rise time: ≥300μs

    Ø      Contact resistance of loop: <0.05 Ohm

    Ø      Power consumption: <100W

    Ø     Dielectric strength: ≥2500V/1min

    Ø     Insulation resistance: ≥2MΩ/DC1000V

    Ø     Temperature rise at full load: <50℃

    Ø     Total noise: <60dB

    Ø      External dimension (mm):

    Product model                 D                         W                            H           

    60 Circuits                      700                      510                          1720

    90 Circuits                      700                      510                          2165

    Ø         Net weight (kg):

    Product model                SCR                      Relay                       SCR+ Relay        

    60 Circuits                      220                      TBD                         TBD

    90 Circuits                      360                      TBD                         TBD