Main performance features:

    Ø      The racks meets the test standard of international standards such as EN61000-2014 , EN55103.1-2009, EN55103.2-2009, and the quality inspection standards of the national standards such as GB/T 13582-1992, GB/T14218-2018 and GB/T7251.12-2013.

    Ø      The racks has obtained 3C certification certificate, CE or UL certification certificate, and the inspection certificate issued by third party and EMC.

    Ø      Multi-backup stepless trigger control technology: independent full-digital trigger, independent CPU digital processing of each module without interference, load balancing A, B, C three-phase, automatic identification of the circuit address code, in order to sort;

    Ø      Unrestricted dimming control technology: in the application of multi-link system, zero vacancy of address code can be realized (the starting address of sixth 96-circuit dimming racks can be set to 481, and so on), and the starting address code can be set arbitrarily (optional);

    Ø      Dual language system: support the display in English and Chinese which can be changed, arbitrarily;

    Ø      Double liquid crystal display: a color liquid crystal display is installed on the racks body to monitor the parameter of the dimming racks, and LCD of each drawer unit displays the operation status. 

    Ø      Racks display: 8.4-inch color touch LCD with intelligent display and touch control is installed for real-time monitoring the operation status of the racks and controlling and setting parameters such as DMX address, dimming curve, operation mode, network, initialization, online drawers, racks number and starting address , automatic identification and switching , heating value ,and self diagnosis;

    Ø      Drawer display: each drawer is equipped with an LCD to display circuit address, load phase, brightness adjustment, operation mode, switch state and other parameters; the racks has such functions as independent LED operation status indication, dimming/pass-through manual switching and highest priority emergency switch mode;

    Ø      Remote feedback, remote PC display and setting functions: the operation status of the racks is remotely monitored and controlled, including racks initialization, restore the factory default values, operation mode, short circuit protection frequency, dimming setting, network protocol, preheating value and other main parameters, which can be remotely displayed and set in PC.

    Ø      Support Android and iOS platform's APP application pattern (optional);

    Ø      20 dimming curves are preset and unlimited custom dimming curves are settable.

    Ø         The racks supports five input control modes, including duplex DMX-512, RDM, RJ45, optical fiber and WIFI, and supports the whole network sACN, ART-net standard network protocol, DMX-512 standard, two-way RDM protocol and has WIFI wireless remote control dimmer function (optional)

    Ø      The racks has such functions as commissioning for lamp identification, emergency dimming, “scene” edition, edit, backup scene record and playback. Scene number ≥99;

    Ø      High dimming accuracy: Level 4096;

    Ø      Emergency scene recording: when all control signals are suddenly interrupted, the system automatically maintains the last scene;

    Ø      Intelligent fan function: 4 functions are available, such as low speed, medium speed, high speed and intelligent. When selecting intelligent, the racks can automatically switch to stop, low, medium and high speed modes according to the working temperature of the racks.

    Ø      Dual backup power system: the racks has function to indicate power status and alarm, the standby power can be started immediately in case of failure or main power failure;

    Ø      Hotplug functions: the racks supports normal removal and replacement of the drawer, under the working state, namely plug and play function

    Ø      The racks has alternative automatic voltage compensation function, and when the input power supply voltage changes between 180-240, the output voltage is constant to ensure that the brightness of the light remains constant (optional).

    Ø      The racks has automatic testing function upon starting and loading, can accurately test the load conditions such as open circuit, short circuit and three-phase equilibrium (optional).

    Ø      A lockable installation, commissioning and maintenance back door ensure that at any time standard wire is normalized and failure is removed.

    Ø      Dynamic preheating and recording function: save energy and extend the service life of the bulb, and detect the consumption power of each load;

    Ø      High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection control technology: power factor ≥0.98, improve energy use efficiency, reduce load reactive power loss;

    Ø      Unique protective racks body structure: high quality galvanized material was used to improve moisture-proof, anticorrosive, dustproof performance and ensure the safety and reliability of the system;

    Ø      The racks has 60 loops and 96 loops.

    Ø      Dimming self protection function: high strength SCR, direct short circuit number of greater than 100 times, and preheating value setting function, and each loop with high performance independent RCD protection device (optional).

    Ø      Support three independent output modes: sine wave, SCR, relay output;

    Ø      Four drawer units: sine  wave, SCR, relay, and SCR + relay, which are compatible with the simultaneous operation of same dimmer racks without interference

    Ø      ST high quality bidirectional SCR, 2500V optocoupler and photoelectric isolation and anti-static 15KV are adopted to avoid high voltage entering into the control system.

    Ø      Strong anti-interference ability, in line with international standards BS800, choke inductance restrain current rise time 350μs or higher;

    Ø      High quality industrial relay: DC direct trigger control, instantaneous pulse current resistance up to 150A.

    Ø      Efficiency compensation technology: work instantaneous high pressure of relay <350V, the service life of relay extended by more than 10 times, and the service life of lamps and lanterns extended by 50% (optional).

    Ø      Unique high efficiency heat dissipation design: excellent wind path system design, aluminum alloy drawer shell, excellent heat dissipation performance to improve the service life.

    Technical parameters

    Ø      Power supply: Three-phase five little system, single phase 90-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz

    Ø      Signal interface: 2 x DMX-512, RDM, RJ45, optical fiber, WIFI (optional).

    Ø      Sine wave fidelity: harmonic distortion < 0.3%;

    Ø      Sine wave efficiency: working efficiency ≥98%; Power factor ≥0.98;

    Ø      Sine wave dimming characteristics: achieve infinite level AC-AC (0-100%) complete sine wave amplitude modulation;

    Ø      Rise time: ≥350μs

    Ø      Maximum load power of each circuit: 3KW, 4KW, 5KW, 6KW, etc.

    Ø      External dimension (mm):

    Product model               D                         W                         H           

    60 Circuits                    870                      590                       1720

    90 Circuits                    870                      590                       2190


    Ø  Net weight (kg)

    Product model       Sine wave                  SCR                         Relay        

                               Sine wave + relay        SCR + relay                          

    60 Circuits            355                             303                         243

    90 Circuits            536                             453                         358