• Guangzhou Asian Games

    Tens of thousands of spectators in the Guangzhou Asian Games in this spent an unforgettable night --- the 16th Asian Games on the evening of 12 in Guangzhou, the grand opening of the State Council Premier Wen Jiabao attended the opening ceremony and announced the opening of the Asian Games.
    2010 Guangzhou Asian Games opening and closing ceremonies in the Pearl River is called a sea of sand on the island held its greatest feature is a revolutionary breakthrough in time and space, out of the traditional form of performance and conceptual models. Guangzhou Asian Games opening ceremony of the selection of the RGB 3576 direct-loop and 600 DMX amplification loop control the audience lighting, RGB with the opening ceremony of the full bloom in front of the world, let the audience see the most important artistic creation, open A "city as the background to the Pearl River for the stage," the opening ceremony.